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Course Results

1) Improvement in your Handwriting.
2) Improvement in your Speed of Writing.
3) Fast and Legible Writing in Tests or Exams.
4) Avoid embarrassment of writing in front of others.
5) Get away with the feeling “My handwriting is bad or worst”.
6) Impress others with Beautiful and Neat Handwriting.
7) Write confidently in Books, Cheques or Application Forms.
8) Your writing shows your Personality. Improvement in your Personality.
9) Score Good Marks because of Neat, Legible and Beautiful Handwriting.

Course Duration:

The Handwriting Improvement course is a One Month Course. The Students will be trained for 20 Sessions. Each Handwriting Class session will be One hour per day. The Total course duration in terms of Hours will be 20 Hours.

Choose Daily Classes (Monday to Fridays – One hour Session) or Weekend Classes (Saturday & Sundays – 2 Hours Session) or Exclusive Sunday Classes or Fast Track mode (2 Hours or 3 Hours Session). Totally 20 Hours training for improvement will be provided to you.

Course Materials

We provide:

1) Books for the Class Room.
2) Books for the Home Work Assignments.
3) Certificate. (Students)
School students shall bring Pencil + Eraser + Sharpener. College Students and Adults shall bring their own Pen. The Pen will be suggested by us.

Who can Join

School Students studying III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII of State Board, CBSE Syllabus or ICSE Syllabus. SSLC, I & II P.U.C. of State Board.

College students studying any Graduation in the field of Science, Commerce, Arts, Law, Marketing, Engineering, Dental, Medical, Computer Science, both directly or though Correspondence Courses including BBM, BBA, BCA, B.COM, B.Sc., B.A., BE., LL.B., LL.M., MA., M.Sc., M.Com, MCA, MBA etc., can also improve their Hand-writing and other skills.

Adults who are Employed, running own Business, Corporate Executives, Self-Employed, Professionals and Homemakers can also join and improve their Handwriting Skills.