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General description

Microsoft office is powerful and popular application software that is used in businesses around the Main components of the package include MSWord, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access.

Course objectives and content

Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of the Word Processing package, MS Office and a knowledge of how to design & create effective and structured documents like technical reports, letters, brochures, etc.,

Demonstrate the skills in the appropriate use of various features of the spread sheet package MS Excel and also to create useful spreadsheet applications like tabulated statements, balance sheets, statistical charts, business statements, etc.

Demonstrate the skills in making an effective presentation with audio and video effects using the MS Excel package

Draw graphical pictures, flow charts, block diagrams etc., using the drawing tools available in MS Word or MS PowerPoint and incorporate them into documents and presentations.

Understand the concepts of tables, record, queries, forms, reports, etc., and to develop small database application using MS Access.


Syllabus:                                                                   Duration: 45 days